Jody Galyean, Trainer

“I had a mare that had been showing signs of ulcers for some time prior to December 2014. I had heard of KoolSpeed from Aaron Custer previously when he first introduced the feed as an all-natural, non-medicated fix for equine ulcers.

I was feeding alfalfa hay cubes, which are generally accepted as the most economical and preferred feeding program for performance horses. But even with the alfalfa cubes, I was still having signs of ulcers, dull hair coat, irritability, inattentiveness, poor body condition, and poor hoof health.

With the cutting futurity coming up, she needed to be at the top of her game. After a week on KoolSpeed, I could tell a marked difference in her attitude. She was more attentive, seemed more relaxed, and had started putting on weight.

In my many years of training cutting horses, I have tried many types of feeding programs, but I have never seen anything that works any better than KoolSpeed. I would recommend it to anyone in the perfomance horse business.”