Renee Ward

“I have been involved in the Equine Industry my whole life, from growing up on a ranch with a Professional Horse Trainer as a Father to competing successfully on the Professional level myself in Barrel Racing all the way to raising a trio of Champion Cowgirls in my Daughters.

With that said this feed product has opened my eyes to the nutrition a horse needs. Some of the largest results we have seen with KoolSpeed is with our older retired horses. We have had two of our prized “old winners” on this feed for about 45-60 days now.

One of them is a 33 year old mare that my oldest daughter Janae won the IPRA Finals on when her and the mare were both just 11, she also went on the raise my youngest, Cassie and Kylie, as well as a few other young barrel racers. The other is a 21 year old gelding that had an awesome futurity career before taking Janae to multiple youth titles as well as three consecutive NFR berths.

Both of these horses have made unbelievable strides since we have switched over to Kool Speed. The mare with her age doesn’t have very many teeth left and was lacking energy, her coat shine and overall look has us thinking she has more years left in her now.

The gelding was retired due to injury over 10 years ago, we have watched a slow deterioration due to ulcers in his system from the stress of years of hauling. His transformation on KoolSpeed is honestly unreal!  Shiny coat, more energy, stronger appetite, and weight gain just to state the obvious.

I would recommend KoolSpeed to anybody with that older horse that you still want the best for. ”