Terrace Johnson

I’m messaging you about my testimony with KoolSpeed. I bought my gelding Squiggly Down Under AKA Squiggly 3 years ago in May when I was working for a cutting trainer. He was in training at the facility but wasn’t going to make the cut for a cutter. So I purchased him to run barrels on and my husband to rope on. I noticed about 6 months after I bought him, he wouldn’t get into the left lead correctly. I hadn’t changed his diet or anything (he was getting free choice grass hay and alfalfa hay twice a day). I check him for ulcers and sure enough he had them. I treated him for them and knew I needed a preventative. We had moved back closer to my home town and some friends of ours told us about KoolSpeed. I did some research and thought I would give it a shot, what could it hurt. It has done AMAZING for my man Squiggly! He looks great, feels great, and performs great! He gives 110% no matter what but now I know he’s feeling great while doing it! He has filled out so much and he’s just a 6 year old. I won’t feed any other feed for my performance horses!