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Pro_Bull_Logo_Revised_3-1-12-225x228Mannsville Ag Center can custom blend or special order any feed or seeds you need. If you require a speciality feed or would like us to custom blend a feed for you please contact us.

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Pro Bull Balance is a specially designed mineral and vitamin pack in a protein carrier. Designed specifically to balance the nutritional needs of bucking bull athletes?

When do I use it?

Use Pro Bull Balance when you are feeding a grain mix or commodity mix without any fortification.

How do I use it?

Pro Bull Balance may be blended into your base feed mix or used as a top dress.

How much do I feed?

When mixed in a feed blend, mix at the rate of 150lbs of Pro Bull Balance per ton of feed. When Pro Bull Balance is used as a top dress; feed 1.33 oz per hundred lbs of body weight.

See table for feeding instructions:

Bull Weight (lbs)Pro Bull Balance (oz)

Pro Bull Balance gives you the benefit of the performance enhancing fortification and additives present in all PRO Bull Feeds, and the convenience of mixing it with your own feed mixture.

When selecting a base feed mixture, select as high quality feed as available. Protein content should be 14-15 percent and a fat level of 3 – 3.5 percent.

For specific feeding directions, call Mannsville Ag Center at 580-371-9588, or email questions to

Monty Samford says,

Pro Bull Feeds cost less to feed than any other “bona fide” performance feed on the market. Although Pro Bull Feeds cost more per pound, I can feed less and get more performance for my feed dollar. Within 5 weeks of starting on Pro Bull Feed, I could see a marked difference in the overall activity level and attitude in my bulls. It showed in their performance as well, it added at least 1/2 point to their scores.

Pro Bull Nutrition Feeds for Maximum for Performance

Pro Bull Feeds are specifically designed to maximize the genetic potential of your bull athlete. All Pro Bull Feeds are fortified with vitamins and SQM-SR4 (copyrighted) chelated traceminerals for improved immune response and reproductive efficiency. Pro Bull Feeds also contain Diamond V yeast culture for optimum digestive performance. Pro Bull Nutrition provides all the necessary  nutrients to maximize your athlete’s growth, frame, and muscle development.

Pro-Calf DeveloperPro-Calf Developer is designed specifically for creep feeding growing bull and heifer athletes. Begin feeding Pro-Calf Developer when calves weigh approximately 400 pounds and continue feeding through 14 months of age.
Pro-Bull Z16Pro Bull Z-16 is the second step in developing your bull athlete. Start feeding Pro Bull Z-16 immediately following Pro Calf Developer. Feed Pro Bull Z-16 to mature bulls to promote maximum lean muscle placement and energy stores.
Pro-Bull MaxPro Bull Max is the next step in Pro Bull Nutrition. It is specially formulated for the athletic performance. It will harden muscle and pull off any internal fat your bull may be carrying. Watch for more snap in your bull's movement, more snort, attitude, and an overall increase in energy levels.
Pro-Cow WinterPro Cow Winter is designed to ensure that the cow produces a healthy, thrifty calf and ensures young athletes have every opportunity to meet their genetic potential. Pro Cow Winter is self limiting & designed to be fed in the fall when forages go dormant and a higher protein level is needed.
Pro-Cow SummerPro Cow Summer is another essential part of the complete management program. Pro Cow Summer is self limiting & designed to be fed in the Spring when forages are green. Pro Cow Summer fed during the warm season aids in the prevention of horn flies and helps control anaplasmosis.

Dustin Hull, Rafter HB Cattle Company says,

I have used Pro Bull Feeds for over eight years and can tell you, I am a firm believer in the Pro Bull Program. I am currently using the newest product from Pro Bull Nutrition, “Pro Bull Balance”. It just fits my program better. Within 10 days of starting on it, I could see a difference in my bull’s hair coats, muscle tone, attitude, and over all health. All this adds up to more performance and more points.

Precision Feeds

A highly concentrated & fortified feed for ultra light calves ranging from 150lbs to 400lbs.
This feed is formulated to deliver a protein energy, vitamins, minerals, and medication in a
highly palatable and digestible form.

Precision Calf StarterPrecision Calf Starter is designed to be fed for the first 2 weeks when consumption is low.
Precision Calf DeveloperPrecision Calf Developer is designed to be fed for maintenance and growth, when consumption is at a normal rate.

Keith Strickland says,

All my competition bulls are being feed the Z16 and PRo Bull Max. 945 Lights Out was 4th at the ABBI Ft Worth Classic and W99 Trampas was 7th. 945 Lights Out was UBBI derby champ for 2012. I won the NBBA maturity event 1/4/2013 with 415 Cool Spot and W99 Trampas. This past weekend I placed 2nd at the CBR rank bull competition in Jackson, Tn with C46 Flyboy and W99 Trampas. I have found that their feed mixture is what I need to give my bulls and extra edge in competition.

Range Cow-Calf Feeds and Supplements

2:1 Meal and SaltA self limiting, free-choice, supplement containing 27% protein. 2:1 is fortified with Vitamin A.
2:1 Meal and Salt MedA self limiting, free-choice, supplement containing 27% protein. 2:1 Medicated is fortified with Vitamin A and contains CTC to help in the control of Anaplasmosis.
12% Sweet FeedFor weaned calves
13% Calf-CreepCalf feed and supplement
14% Creep FeedCalf feed and supplement
20% Cow-CalfRange feed for cows and calves
KD CalfFeed and supplement for weaned calves

Bryon Beveridge says,

We started feeding Z-16 3 yrs ago, after meeting Aaron at Stephenville. We feed it to our momma cows, heifers, weanlings, as well as competition bulls. We have noticed a huge difference in our growth rates and just overall build in our calves. Calves start Z-16 as soon as they can stick their nose in the tub with momma. Aaron has come up with an incredible product.

Shawnee Feeds/ Cattle Feeds

14% Cattlemens All-Natural3/8" pellets
14% Cattlemens All-Natural3/4" cubes
20% Cattlemens All-Natural3/4" cubes

Mike Jones says,

I could see a difference in my bulls after two weeks of feeding Pro Bull Z-16. They started losing their belly and showing more muscle definition. The bull’s hair coat looks better and I could see a real difference in their overall attitude and activity. What really matters is their performance in the arena. I can honestly say Pro Bull Feeds added from 1- 1 1/2 points to my bull scores.