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Established in 2002, is a leading producer of efficiency-based livestock feeds in Oklahoma and Texas. With over 30 years of experience in developing feed, owner Aaron Custer strives to provide the highest quality products for the life of your livestock by using only the highest quality ingredients with no fillers.


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Precision Calf Feeds

Precision Calf Feeds are medicated with a coccidiostat and are formulated to deliver protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals, in a very palatable, digestible form for your baby calves.

Pro Bull Feeds

Pro Bull Feeds contain Diamond V Yeast culture for optimum digestive performance and provides all the necessary nutrients to maximize your bucking bull athlete’s growth, frame, and muscle development.


Mannsville Ag Center produces feeds that are FREE OF RUMENSIN-MONENSIN, BOVATEC-LASALOCID, ETC.

Our Mission

Koolspeed Equine Performance Feeds
Are Your Gut Health Solution

Koolspeed Equine Performance Feeds are specifically designed to decrease the incidence and/or lessen the severity of gastric acidosis and its side effects without losing any performance in your horse.

Over 30 Years Of Experience In Developing Performance Feeds

With over 30 years of experience in developing feed, owner Aaron Custer strives to provide the highest quality products for the life of your livestock by using only the highest quality ingredients with no fillers.

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Responsible Feeds
Made For Performance

Mannsville Ag Center manufactures the right feed for your purpose. With a large variety of feeds, Mannsville Ag is sure to have what you need to accomplish your feeding goals.  

Collection Performance Rations

An all-natural, low carbohydrate, high fat blend, with added Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Pro-Bull Nutrition

Specifically formulated to maximize the genetic potential of your bucking bull athlete.

Precision Calf Feeds

A protein and energy-dense, highly palatable feeding program.

Kool Speed

This all-natural, low-carbohydrate blend promotes a calmer, more trainable horse.

We Specialize In Feeds For Beef, Bucking Bull,
Roping Calf, And Performance Horse Industries.

Mannsville Ag Center is the manufacturer of Pro Bull Feeds, Precision Calf Feeds,
KoolSpeed Equine Performance Feeds and Collection Performance Ration.

We Just Wanted To Say Thanks To Mannsville Ag And Koolspeed Feeds…
“This feed has improved the consistency and performance of our horses… Cutter was the MRCA year end Breakaway and Goat tying champion. He also was the Reserve Champion 13 and under Header… And won the finals average in the Goat Tying and 13 and under Heeling…. Cactus Cain was the MRCA year end champion Pole Bender…. Thanks again KoolSpeed Feeds we could not have done it without this feed.” 
Josh and Tina Cain
Milburn, Ok
I Just Want To Say Thank You To Koolspeed Feeds…
“I typically run older barrel horses-I guess you might call them seniors-but they don’t act like seniors. Obviously with their age, they require more nutrients, vitamins, minerals, joint supplements, and sometimes ulcer products. I began my feed regiment with Koolspeed feeds over a year ago and have not been disappointed once. I feed the KoolFoal, due to the fact content for my senior horses. I have never had horses that look better. They have a stronger mind and feel their best. Thank you KoolSpeed Feed.
Kema Stiles
Mountainburg, AK
This Is Holy Smoken Tater…
“I have had him since mid January.
He has been on KoolSpeed and has gained weight and muscle! This feed is absolutely amazing! It’s great for performance horses has ulcers prevention supplements also has extra fat content to help keep weight on the hard keepers! It’s an all natural feed with low carbohydrate to keep your horses mind cool! I have feed if anyone is interested in trying it! I am not a distributor I’m just trying to get some more of this great feed down here!‪#‎KoolSpeed‬
Cacee Taulman
Drumright, OK