Amanda Haworth

April 5th 2020, I got an outside horse in to ride and consign for sale. He unfortunately stepped off the trailer in poor condition and knowing the owner well, who takes extremely good of her horses, I was worried at the amount of time it would take to get him feeling and looking 100% again so we could offer him for sale! I happened to talk to my friend, Ron Phelan, and I told him about this gelding I was trying to get weight on. He suggested I try KoolSpeed Plus. I am absolutely not one to jump on a bandwagon , nor like to feed “grain”, but I know Ron , and he too isn’t one to just try anything! Ron has been feeding it for a few years and has seen great results, so I went ahead and found it at a local store and started this gelding in it right away, what could it hurt? The results are in the pictures… from lacking weight over his ribcage, to muscle over his top line and hips, he made a full turn around and we got him sold with in that 5 weeks! I now recommend and feed outside horses as well as my performance horses KoolSpeed! Great product! – Amanda Haworth, Haworth Performance Horses, Stephenville Texas