Amber Spires

We would love to share our experience with KoolSpeed. Our daughter bought a yearling last year and has broke her and been training her. She has been shown (she will be 2 in April 2020), been to clinics, 4-H ride night, trails, and ridden all over the place. She is such a sound minded little mare. She has been on KoolSpeed all her life. We put our other horses on it too and we are just thrilled with how they look. Our older horse gained needed weight.

Our 2 year old got herself impaled on a t post and spent 2 week in the hospital. The vet went on and on about how beautiful she is and how healthy. She is still in the healing process but I can thank KoolSpeed for helping in a quick recovery.

Injury was March 10th and now today. She had 2 collapsed lungs, rib injuries, soft tissue injury obviously. She was given 50/50 chance of recovery- vet was shocked at how well she recovered and how healthy she was.