Donna Kay Rule

Hello my name is Dona Kay Rule. I first tried Koolspeed in 2013, when I had a mare we called Awesome that we suspected of having ulcers.  She showed the classic symptoms. After seeing what Koolspeed did for Awesome, better hair coat, body condition, and attitude,  I put all of my rodeo horses on it. I have found that Koolspeed keeps them satisfied and calm without losing speed and performance. My motto is “smooth equals fast”, and Koolspeed helps my horses stay focused and fast.

Juice was my number 1 horse until a career ending injury in 2017. He has LTE of $25,000 plus, with many WPRA wins. I saw the same results with Juice as I did with Awesome; no ulcers, even during the trauma of his leg injury and rehab. He still gets ridden occasionally and still loves his Koolspeed.

High Valor is my current rodeo horse. He is a 10 year old Gelding by Valliant Hero, out of Rare High. He is bred to run! Valor has been a Koolspeed horse for 5 years and has accumulated over $125,000 in earnings. Valor and I are qualified for the Wrangler National Finals rodeo in Las Vegas, in December. Valor was on the road for 4 months straight during the peak of the rodeo season. He never went off his feed and never showed signs of any kind of a gastric disorder, ulcers, colic, or any signs of distress. My feeding program is simple, Koolspeed, high quality hay, and plenty of fresh water. I have not used supplements or feed additives since I started feeding Koolspeed.

I have trained barrel horses for many years and have fed many types of feed and supplements. I can honestly say that Aaron Custer and Mannsville Ag Center have accomplished with Koolspeed, things that I haven’t been able to do with a multitude of other name brand products. Ulcers are a huge problem in the performance horse industry and Koolspeed is the fix for ulcers.

I recommend Koolspeed to anyone, whether they are competing at the Pro level or in 5D formats. Fix the body-Fix the mind! Keep your horse happy and comfortable with Koolspeed. #proofisinthepudding #koolspeedkoolsteed #nosupplementsneeded