John Erekson

“I have an AQHA halter horse, Mr. Tribbles. Purchased in April of 2012; he was an outstanding specimen.

After purchasing him, my daughter started showing him in AQHA and open shows. He was nearly uncontrollable. We tried everything, feed supplements, five different kinds of feed, and I mean premium horse feeds from acclaimed manufacturers. We finally decided that he had ulcers because he was showing all the classic signs. I was to the point that the horse was going to have to be sold or improve.

I heard of KoolSpeed from a friend who was using it and seeing some dramatic results. With nothing to lose, I called Mannsville Ag Center and got all the information I could. I started feeding KoolSpeed in January of 2015. Within two weeks of starting Mr. Tribbles on KoolSpeed, I noticed a marked improvement in his disposition and he showed no symptoms of ulcers. No more rearing and throwing fits in the show ring and I could actually get in the stall with him without fearing for my safety.

After about four weeks, I could see a big improvement in body condition, hair coat, and mane and tail growth. Another thing that my horse farrier brought to my attention was hoof health. Before feeding KoolSpeed, his hooves were dry and cracked and would hardly hold a shoe until the next shoeing-which was about 6 weeks.

Twelve weeks after starting on KoolSpeed, his hooves were growing out faster, were more supple, and his shoes were staying on the whole time.

Currently, I am feeding no additional supplements. Before KoolSpeed, I was feeding five supplements along with a feed ration and wasn’t getting results.

I have fed performance horses all my life and never would have believed a feed ration could do what KoolSpeed has done for my horses, had I not seen it in person.”