Josh Cain

“Aaron Custer had been telling me about his KoolSpeed Feed for several months. I was very reluctant to change my feeding program.

I had been telling him about a Palomino horse that had consistently been getting worse and worse. She wouldn’t let us catch her. She would try to jump out of her pen and run off. She was uncontrollable and did not use to be that way at all. I had owned her for 3 years, since she was 2.

Aaron gave me 6 bags of feed for a trial to feed her. Within 7 days this horse had made a 100% turn around. She was calm and responsive to training and I was able to let my wife and young 9 year old son ride her.

2 months passed by and she was great, so I get to thinking I have her fixed; I take her off KoolSpeed and to back to my old feed. Within 3 days, we were back to her running off and being hard to catch and almost un-trainable. I put her back on KoolSpeed; within 5 days she was good again.

At that point I slowly started putting more and more of my horses on it. I have small ponys that are foundered and cannot be rode real hard or they will be lame and limp. Within 2 months, my farrier says they’re not foundered anymore. I couldn’t believe it.

One thing I have noticed is their hair coat and muscle tone has improved. Also, their hooves and mane grows much faster, so I continue to add horses in my barn to KoolSpeed.

I noticed on my mares that we ride, that it seems to help their inconsistent moods and seems to make them a lot more consistent while competing on them.

I now have all 12 of our horses on KoolSpeed. I could not get the results that I am getting in the arena or using our horses on the ranch without this feed. I tell everybody I see that have horses about KoolSpeed. It is amazing.