Lisa Carpenter

We started feeding Koolspeed in December when we purchased our new filly because that’s what she was eating and didn’t want to switch her but had no idea the impact that decision would have on all of our horses. Aside from the filly we have Nugget, a 22 year old laminitis prone pony. Smokey, a 3 year old App gelding. Game on Dude ( Bullet) a 2 year old POA gelding, a mini donkey named Pistol, a month old nurse mare foal colt and Just A Common Bronc (Gunner) a 10 year old POA gelding. We switched the geldings to the Koolspeed collection and our filly is on Koolfoal. We knew it was a great feed but the proof is in the pudding so to speak with Gunner. Gunner has always been difficult and moody and reactive and over the last year my daughter has worked so hard to desensitize him and they have shown several times and ran barrels several times over the last year. We had him adjusted, his ears treated and stifles injected and those things did make a difference but once he had been on Koolspeed for 30 days he started to change and now after 120 days on it his change is undeniable. He’s so quiet, calm, patient, sweet and for the first time ever he’s soft. The expression in his face is soft and kind and he wants to work. Our colts and filly are growing beautifully with quiet minds and our old pony for the first time in years feels young again. He bucks and runs and plays. No sign of laminitis so far this year where in the years past he would have been so sore with the grass coming up. Our mini donkey loves koolspeed and it gives him nutrition without the risk of laminitis and he’s not getting fat on it. Our foal will be starting on it as he gets closer to weaning as well. Thank you so very much for making such an incredible feed that has literally changed our horses lives!