Lori Davis

KoolSpeed and Ulcers.

My name is Lori Davis.   Our horse’s health and nutrition program has always been a top priority.  We thought we knew what was best for our horses and they all looked great.

January 2019, we bought a 12 yo finished barrel horse, Blazen Fame.  Her career started on the race track.  When we bought Blaze we started her on our exercise and feed programs which consisted of high-quality alfalfa, Bermuda grass, pasture and a well-known feed specially designed to prevent ulcers.  We noticed right away that she had some funny habits and we were told that they were typical Dash to Fame quirks.

March through September we hauled her to races.  She showed increased anxiety, stress and overall discomfort.  We took her to the Vet twice to have her checked out, we specifically asked about ulcers.  She did not look like an ulcer horse so that idea was dismissed.  We purchased several supplement products and used them all diligently.  Some of the symptoms were lessened but they were by no means gone.  We decided to give Blaze a break in the Fall.

January 15th, 2020 we scheduled her initial endoscopy which confirmed that she was full of ulcers and she had an abundance of ulcer scarring, both glandular and squamous.   This particular Vet said that “Blaze had the worst case of ulcers she had seen”, graded 1-4.  The Vet prescribed several medications to include powders and pastes.   We put the pencil to the RX orders and realized that treatment was going to cost us well over $3,000.00, not including the Vet charges.

This is when we decided to try KoolSpeed Feed.  I contacted Aaron Custer to ask him how to feed KoolSpeed.  The protocol was so simple, it seemed un-real.   We started her on KoolSpeed Plus on 1/23/2020.    Within 1 week we noticed that her demeaner was different.  She was resting well in her stall and her strange habits were gone.  She was much more relaxed in the arena too.  We kept our fingers crossed that the KoolSpeed was working.

March 16th 2020 we had her re-scoped by the original Vet who said that she didn’t have ulcers.  The rescope revealed that ALL OF HER ULCERS AND SCARS WERE GONE.  I’ll tell you what, I wanted to cry!   We shared the before photos with that Vet and told him that we didn’t use any medication to treat her.  He asked what we used, we told him KoolSpeed.  The Vet, the techs and every one of us were shocked.  Since then we have delivered KoolSpeed feed to this Vet Clinic.  I could not wait to call Mr. Custer to share the news.  He was very happy but he was not surprised.

Everything in our barn is on KoolSpeed now, from the barrel horses to the rope horses, as well as the broodmares and foals.  Our horses are utilizing their feed efficiently and their demeanor, hair coat and hoof growth shows it.