Sarah Burgett


Flash is a 2014 gray Gelding that started his career on the racetrack. In 2017, he transitioned to the barrel arena. From the start of his barrel racing career, Flash had exhibited signs of discomfort, anxiety, nervousness, agitation and always on the muscle.

Throughout 2017 & early 2018, Flash won or placed at many races under Kaelyn. In February 2018, he started acting out even more- to the point of being very hard to handle, and his times were falling off.

I had been talking with Travis about using KoolSpeed and how it can help balance the PH in the digestive tract. On February 13 we had Flash scoped to check for ulcers. Dr. White at Sallisaw Equine Clinic performed the scope. He found grade 2 ulcers, so Travis agreed to try KoolSpeed for a 30 day trial. We fed KoolSpeed Collection at 1% of body weight daily.

On March 12, 2019, Flash was re-scoped by Dr. White. In his words, “The ulcers are gone. He scoped clean.”

To date, Flash has gone back to his winning ways with a much improved attitude.
-Sarah Burgett