Ty and Janae Massey

“As successful professional rodeo contestants, we thought we knew what was best for our horses. It wasn’t until we were introduced to KoolSpeed, have we ever seen a feed that not only gives our horses all they need physically, but keeps them calm and cool during competition.  Everything in our barn is on KoolSpeed now, from young horses in training, to top end performance horses, as well as our daughter’s junior rodeo horses.”

“We were feeding a 14% sweet feed, that we were very happy with. We felt like our horses looked good and had no desire to change. After being introduced to KoolSpeed, and hearing of its effects on the mindset of a horse, we gave it a shot.  Approximately 10-12 days on Kool Speed, there became a noticeable difference in the mindset of the set of horses that we tried KoolSpeed on.  By 30 days, not only were they calmer, due to the acid in their stomachs being eased, but they had a noticeable shine and fitter look to them.  Now 90 days in, we have tried KoolSpeed on everything from 33 year old horses to 3 year olds to ponies.  The effect is amazing and the results are unbelievable. ”